When is it acceptable to wear makeup?

Before we start I would just like to point out that you should never ever ever underestimate the power of your ring finger when typing… Mine is currently out of action and covered in a plastery bandage thing and I feel like a 80 year old women learning to use a computer for the first time. Forward 5 letters, back 3, forward 2, back 2.


I was having a conversation with a friend how old we were when we started wearing makeup and it really got me thinking. My Mum never had much problem with me wearing make up as long as I didn’t look like a barbie doll. I was only really allowed a little bit of a nude/clear lipgloss and a bit of mascara or something, nothing major. That probably started from about age 13, I guess. I think this is pretty standard with most girls, I know there are obviously exceptions and some people start before that, and others not for years afterwards – don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

BUT, today, I saw a young girl, I’d guess her age was about 11, maybe 12. She was wearing boots which came to just below the knees, a leather skirt belt, a pair of fish nets and a very low cut top which revealed, not a lot (obviously, I doubt she had hit puberty). Not only was she COMPLETELY inappropriately dressed but she had a face full of make up. Orange stripes diagonally down her cheeks in an attempt to apply bronzer, spider legs for lashes and bright red lips. My instant thought when I saw this, was how on earth were you allowed to leave your house like this. I know parenting skills vary, but seriously?!

I don’t see anything wrong with younger girls wearing make up, but children still need to be children, don’t they?! What do you think? Would you let your kid out like that and at what age would you allow them to wear make up, even if it isn’t much.

One thought on “When is it acceptable to wear makeup?

  1. I completely understand ! My little sister is 9 (ten this year) and I'm not allowing her to dress anything but her age. I'm trying (but most likely failing) to explain to her that “being grown up” is something that isn't about wearing make up, going out all the time or even watching the news. It's ok to still love your teddies at the age of 17 as long as you act maturely in the way you don't argue with the parents, do as your told and generally act responsibly in situations … but yeah that's kind of going off topic but it was an interesting read ( something I think about alot!)
    Lots of love from


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