Holy Grail: Lip Balms

Whilst changing my handbag the other day, I noticed hidden amongst all the sweet wrappers and receipts, what some may say to be, an excessive amount of lip products. We’re taking 4 lip balms plus a crap load of lipsticks. I thought I’d show you what my holy grail lip products are when I’m looking for something that’s going to fight cracked lips and leave me ready for a gorgeous bold lip.
So, I’m going to start with the Burts Bees lip balm. I usually buy this from Amazon and it costs a couple of pounds. You know how some lip balm sticks only have a tiny amount of actual product in? This one is full which makes it incredible value for money. This one feels nice but is best for lip upkeep (is that a thing?) so use it when your lips are already in pretty good condition.
Mint carmex! Arghh, carmex. The love it or hate it off the lipbalms. I really like the sensation, the tingliness. Having said that, I know a lot of people that really despise it so this bits going to come up to personal preference. Again, very inexpensive and it works wonders on my lips.
One of my other staple lip balms at the minute is the L’Occitane tinted lip balm with Shea Butter! This is such a lovely colour and is so nice and natural for everyday wear! I love it and it really works well. I’ve not actually looked into this product as it was a gift and not sure if they do other colours or not. If so then I have it in the colour Miel. It’s really pretty and it’s got a nice smell to it also 🙂
Last but by no means least, is my new but trusty Dr Hauschka lip balm! I bought this in the sale and got about £2 off so I got it for £8. The tub is pretty small but it does go quite a long way and you don’t need much. At first I wasn’t that keen on it and I didn’t like the texture and consistency, it’s almost lumpy – or maybe that’s just my one. I do really like it now and use it all the time. It smells like beeswax and overall does really good things to my lips!

Hope this helps you out if you are looking for a new lip balm!

Do you have any of these? What do you think?