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As part of a competition to win £200 to spend at In Love With Fashion, they have teamed up with EtailPR to bring us bloggers the opportunity to win! It’s so simple and enjoyable too! All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning is create a collage with all the things you love from their website! I had so much fun making the collage, especially since I love so much of their things!
I have bought from them before and the quality of the clothes is really good, the service is also very good and have always had speedy delivery etc. Nothing at all to complain about with regards to them at all. They definitely get the thumbs up from me!

Some of these items I have just spotted, others I have had my eye on for a little while now! 

Starting off with 1, the polka dot dress: I just thought this was such a cute yet quite plain dress. Polka dots make it easy to work with but a bit more exciting than just a plain dress. I think I could pair this with some black tights, the shoes, shown in image 3 and a leather jacket for an evening out. It could also just be worn with a cute pair of flats on a nice summers day! Such a versatile item and I definitely need it in my wardrobe!

Next is number 2, I know this is something which is so in at the minute but I think this is one of the best monochrome stripe pieces I have seen. I think the shape and stripes of the dress would be mega flattering on pretty much all body shapes and sizes. Again, I am all for items which can be worn in different ways. This could make such a cute day dress but I could definitely dress this up and make it night out material.

Wow! Number 3, these shoes just blew my mind when I saw them! I absolutely love them, I love clumpy-ness of them! They would work so nicely with tights, leggings, skirts and even skinny jeans! This was a love at first site discovery… I can hear them screaming, “buy me! buy me!”

Next is number 4 which is this gorgeous pleat skirt! Pleats are so flattering for anyone which makes it totally suitable for all of you out there! It looks like it is a nice length which is also perfect for you guys that wanna show some skin but don’t want to feel too exposed.  The colour is such an amazing red which would add a gorgeous pop of colour to a plain black tee, pair it with a red statement necklace and you will look gorgeous! 

Number 5 is a gorgeous but casual wrap over dress. I think this is such a perfect colour and style for spring, summer and festivals! It’s nice because it’s not skin tight and will give you lots of room to breath in the heat! Once again, a very versatile item but I think for me, this is definitely a day/summer dress.

I feel like number 5 and 6 are similar but this black playsuit is something I have been lusting over for a while. I was after a black playsuit all of last year but never found anything that quite fit the bill style wise. I love the neckline on this and the slightly nipped in waistband to add a bit of definition, something I find very important when wearing baggier items. I am an hour glass so I find anything too baggy can make me look bigger than I am. 

Number 7 is a jumper, now, I know, we are finally (hopefully) approaching some better weather and leaving winter behind but lets face it, in England, at least, we still need some warmer items in the summer. This is such a casual jumper that would feel amazing to just chill in outside in the evening when it gets a bit chilly after a day in the sun. Mmm!

Finally, this ombre type skirt! I had something similar last year and was a staple in my wardrobe! I love the feel and the floaty-ness of these skirts. Perfect with a baggy jumper or a plain tee and a chunky necklace!

What do you guys think of these items? Anything you are considering buying yourself? Let me know 🙂
If you would like the opportunity to enter this competition then just click HERE and HERE 😀

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