Efoxcity Jewellery


Efoxcity are a wholesalers who supply things such as jewellery and clothing. As most of you are probably aware, wholesalers allow you to buy things at prices which are more similar to what the shops pay.

I have been browsing their website today and have seen so many things that I need in my life so I thought I would share them with you and hopefully you may see some bits you like and treat yourself!

EFoxcity are based in Hong Kong so you may need to allow a little extra for delivery. They supply things for weddings and fashionable clothing and accessories. They state on their website that they pride themselves on providing high quality goods at cheap prices. They also sell things like party dresses, cute t shirts, jackets and evening gowns etc. The items that they have on their website are so pretty and unique and they are priced at such amazing prices. I cannot wait to fill my shopping basket up and receive my package.

Click on the below to be directed to the appropriate page of http://www.efoxcity.com

Special Occasion Dresses

Prom Dresses

Women Clothing

Cheap Fashion Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Cheap Party Dresses

Check out all of the above items here!

The black and white triangle earrings!

White flower earrings!

Multi coloured flower earrings!

Pink pearl earrings!

Black bow earrings!

Black and gold rectangle necklace!

Silver and orange necklace!

Gold and black triple necklace!

Orange bangle bracelet!

You can also browse their whole website for other gorgeous items by clicking here.

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