Beauty Tip Tuesday #3

  • Having problems with your nails/cuticles? Try rubbing eye cream into your cuticles; it’s great for softening them. The more moisturising the eye cream the softer it will make your cuticles. Perfect and it means you won’t forget because you can just pop it on when you apply the eye cream šŸ™‚
  • If you’ve just dyed your hair then there is nothing more annoying then the day it starts to look faded. There’s the obvious tips, like use a shampoo and conditioner made for dyed hair, and also do deep conditioners every two weeks or when you feel you need to. Avoid head and shoulders with a barge pole though; it’s renowned for stripping hair dye. If you mess your hair up after a home dye emergency, head and shoulders should become your new best friend.
  • For quick and easy, tousled hair with minimal effort, apply some kind of smoothing frizz-reducing serum to damn hair. Twist into a bun and tie it up. Go to bed, wake up, release and boom, you’re ready to go after you’ve spritzed yourself with hair spray.

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