M.A.C Lipstick Haul

Please congratulate me on how restrained I was for only buying 3 and leaving money in my bank account. This took a lot of self control.

Speak Louder (Cremesheen)

Speak Louder is such a pretty colour! I really do love it! It’s quite a bright fuchsia berry colour but is also really wearable. As with all M.A.C lipsticks, it’s pretty buildable, this was quite lightly applied and perfect for daily wear. If you want to wear it out though, whack another coat on. It’s a cremesheen formulation which means that it’s got good colour pay off should last quite a long time. As given away by the name, they are pretty creamy and quite moisturising. I personally find them to be like a more moisturising version of the amplified lipsticks. If you don’t like cremesheens and you know that you prefer lustre’s then get lustering. It’s pretty much the exact same colour, just a bit more sheer.

Costa Chic (Frost)

NB: The majority of M.A.C lipstick formulas are quite self explanatory, amplified, cremesheen, glaze, lustre and matte etc. Frost, in my eyes, would imply sheer, it doesn’t. Frost lipsticks are pretty shimmery with generally good pigmentation.

Costa is the perfect coral for me! I also own vegas volt and cross wires which are both quite orangey toned. I think cross wires is more wearable than vegas volt but I love how shocking vegas volt is, therefore my addiction means that I want need both. As much as I love those two colours, there was something missing from them both. I think they were a bit too orange, and I wanted something with a little more pink in it. I wanted a gorgeous coral and I think that is exactly what costa chic is. Many people don’t like the frost finishes because of the frosted shimmery-ness of them, this colour is renowned for being one of the good frosts though. I think this has the perfect level of shimmer, orange and pink.

Creme Cup (Cremesheen)

Last, but not least (It is actually my least favourite but I’m hoping it grows on me) is Creme Cup, this is a massively hyped product and every blogger and their dog owns it. But…

… I’m scared of it.

I don’t usually do nude lips, I love the look of them on others but always feel like I can never find one that doesn’t make me look ill, or like a barbie. Luckily, this doesn’t make me look ill, but I do think I look a bit like barbie. I tried it on, and hated it. It really accentuated all the lines and imperfections in my lips. Then tried it again, and it was okay. So I went with it and bought it. Once I tried it on at home, I still wasn’t keen, but then after having it on for a bit, it grew on me again. I really do hope to love this. If I don’t get on with it. Maybe I’ll sanitise it and do a blog sale and invest in Plink instead! I’m much more of a bright lips girl but I really do want this to work.

I did also buy my Mum a lipstick for her birthday, not until end of May, so give me a pat on the back for being prepared. I won’t share what it is, incase she is reading this. If you are, go away, we’ve already had this conversation 😉 xx

Any questions, let me know. What do you think of my choices and any tips for getting me used to creme cup?

17 thoughts on “M.A.C Lipstick Haul

  1. I really want to get creme cup! I also have chatterbox lipstick on my wishlist. Right now Im really loving Vegas Volt which is similar to costa chic, and angel. angel is just the best!


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