Beauty Tip Tuesday #5


  • Love the look of curled eyelashes but find that they just don’t hold? As far as I know, there isn’t some kind of eyelash hold spray (not that you’d wanna spray chemicals in your eye). Try warming your eyelash curler up with the hot setting on your hair dryer. It will improve the curl given by the eyelash curler, and also keep it in place for longer. You will have to make sure you keep curler all the way up otherwise you may get a kink.
  • I used to back comb my hair all the time, then I stopped because it never stayed, no matter how much hair spray I used. The best tip I can give to you is to, take the section in your hand, and hold about an inch or two from the ends, place the comb about 3 inches from the roots and push the comb towards the scalp. You should probably do that about 3 times, until you have NO hair left in the other hand. You want to pull the hair out of the hand holding near the ends. Then smooth out with your fingers.
  • Easiest recipe I’ve found for making your own salt spray is to boil some filtered water and add about 2 tbsp of rock salt. Put in a spray bottle and wait for it to cool. Spray on your hair finely for beautiful tousled looking effortless hair šŸ˜€

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