M.A.C Lipstick collection.

Pats myself on the back for finally getting around to doing this post! GO ME!
I’ve been and gone through the stage of thinking M.A.C are the be all and end all when it comes to lipsticks. I won’t lie and say I don’t still love them, because I do; I love the consistency, the staying power and the colour range. When I was having my ‘phase’ though, I’d feel, almost bad for buying another brand or lipstick. Not any more. I do however, currently have a collection of M.A.C lipsticks which I am very happy with, I don’t feel like it’s completely over the top and it covers all bases for colours I wear.
15 pretty little tubes of pretty little colours.

M.A.C Red, Impassioned, Girl About Town, Craving, Vegas Volt.
Above are all of the amplified lipsticks that I own, these are generally bright colours with very high pigmentation! They are not drying but I find they are a bit much for everyday wear. 
Speak Louder, Crosswires, Pink Pearl Pop, Speed Dial, Sunny Seoul, Coral Bliss.

Cremesheen lipsticks are my all time favourite formula from M.A.C, they are super moisturising and great for everyday use! I definitely get the most use out of the above 6 lipsticks. 
Costa Chic, Rue d’bois, Jubilee, Spice is Nice.

Finally, these are a combination of colours from different ranges, some are frosts, others lustres 🙂 
What are your favourite lipsticks, do you own any of these?!
Let me know 🙂 

15 thoughts on “M.A.C Lipstick collection.

  1. I really used to think having a million MAC lipsticks was silly…. Until I bought my first two and now I can't get enough! You have a great collection, I really wanna get Crosswires! xx



  2. You have a great collection! I love MAC, out of your collection I have MAC RED and I love it but I don't have much occasions to wear it lol, xoxo.


  3. Rather jealous right now! I've got 8 lipsticks, but 3 are depotted, two are the same and then there's 3 individual sticks! Love the look of Impassioned, I loved Speak Louder when I swatched it the other day and I loooooove it! Xx


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