Christmas Wishlist – infinite money!

I thought it’d be fun to do a wish list post, which is based upon the fact that my family and I, have a never ending pot of money. I mean, not all the products I have picked are mega pricey but some are extremely luxury. I’ve been honest and gone for things that I genuinely like and would like, rather than just the most expensive item on the page, that’d be pointless.
So this beautiful little blazer has been wandering around in my head for a while now, I nearly bought it for myself last week but restrained, sorry ASOS. I really love the look of blazers, and as mu
ch as I like the classic black, I’d jump at getting myself a statement orange or something! The ASOS jeans are also gorgeous and look like they have the perfect amount/sized holes… That sounds like a really strange thing to say about a pair of jeans but I’m fussy with ripped jeans, I don’t want my whole knee and half of my calf out, but I want more than slight distressing.
The bag from H&M is just really classic and sophisticated and would go with any outfit. It’s such a versatile shape, size and colour and I definitely feel like I need it in my life.
Michael Kors… Rose Gold… Bling. Mmm. Do I really need to say anything else?!
Next, are a few of the beauty related items. 3 out 4 being pretty damn expensive.
The babyliss perfect curl is just, literally, the most amazing invention I have ever seen in my life, ever. The idea of this just blows my mind and looks so easy and perfect. The price, also blows my mind but I definitely think I would splurge on this. (I’d buy each and every one of these products though)
The Clarisonic Mia 2, has been on my big items to buy list for such a long time but life events keep seeming to take all my money at extremely inconvenient times so I’ve not been lucky enough to click confirm on the paypal form yet. One day, I WILL own this! Plus, the colour is AMAZING! **shit, I’ve only just realised its limited edition**… One day, soon, I WILL own this
YSL Foundation… I was this . close to going to getting colour matched the other day in John Lewis but chickened out because I knew I couldn’t get matched and not buy it. (I feel like I’m creating the impression that I’ve very restraint, I’m not…)
Finally, something which i’ve heard some unbelievable reviews of, the Urban Decay setting spray. 

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