My Thoughts: Urban Decay Setting Spray

In a 7 day clinical study:
  • 78% of people said all nighter helped their make up last over 16 hours.
  • Over 80% said their makeup looked better, it stayed on better (even in the t zone) without settling into fine lines.
  • Whether they had combination, oily or dry skin, 88% or more said all nighter was the best product to help make up last.

This product claims to ‘weightlessly keep your makeup looking gorgeously just applied for up to 16 hours, without melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines’. It is also oil and paraben free which I think to be a bonus because I can have quite sensitive skin so don’t want to put anything on it which might aggravate it.

I like to apply my make up and leave it for a couple of minutes (no idea if that makes any difference) and then I close my eyes, and spritz this over my face in a cross. and then a just straight down. I probably do about 4 or 5 sprays in total and you hold the can about 20cm away from your face. It leaves your face feeling quite fresh and a little wet but it sinks in very quickly.

This isn’t the kind of thing I would use everyday (but that’s just because I’m lazy) although I use it on days when I know I have a long day or if it’s hot etc. I use it when I start work at 7am and then go onto university at 9am until 5 or something.

It really does keep everything in place throughout the day, I’ve definitely noticed it holds my make up well when I’ve been a bit hot. It also seems to stop eye shadow from creasing. You know how sometimes, you get home and it doesn’t even look like you applied any bronzer or blusher? That changes when you use this product.


Anyone else tried this, or any other setting spray? What do you think?


7 thoughts on “My Thoughts: Urban Decay Setting Spray

  1. This looks so good, I've seen it on the urban decay stands but never really looked at it, may need to give it a try.
    You blog is really adorable.
    Thanks for your really sweet comment on my blog and I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you too,
    Laura x


  2. I really want to try this I have oily skin so i'm always on the hunt for products that will make my make up stay put. Thank you for commenting on my blog it means a lot xx


  3. I have been wanting to try this for so long as my makeup has a nasty habit of disappearing throughout the day! Think you've persuaded me to get it 😉 xx


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