Low Carb Easy Lunch

I don’t follow a low carb diet but I like to go low carb for a week or so sometimes just to mix things up when loosing weight. Be warned though, carbs provide you with lots of energy so they are really important. Having a diet too low in carbs can cause you to become sleepy and lethargic and many people complain of head aches so do your research and listen to your body.

This is basically a ham omelette but it’s not. I whisked two eggs, on their own with no milk or anything. I added a small amount of salt and some pepper and then just put that in a hot pan with a touch of oil and waiting til it had cooked and then flipped it. Essentially, a whisked fried egg.

After, just lay a couple of pieces of ham (or whatever meat you fancy really, it could be anything though, onion, tomato, spinach etc) add all your toppings and then simply roll it up. I secured mine with a cocktail stick and shoved it in my lunch box.
Healthy and so easy, comes in at about 220 calories. Combine this with some fruit, carrot sticks or even a homemade oat cookie. Whatever you want really.
What do you think? Is this weird?

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