Smokey and Sultry Eyes.

I love a good smokey eye but very rarely use black all over the lid because it can be very harsh. You can’t deny that there is something pretty sexy about very dark eye makeup. We aren’t trying to look like a pornstar though, so make sure you blend and build it up gradually!
It is so important to make sure that you use a transition colour, for this look I used a matte brown, you need to blend it above your crease and it will mean it all looks a look more flawless. Prime your lids too but take the primer right up to your brow bone if you don’t already.
The key to this kind of makeup look is blend, that’s key with them all but especially when using black. If you don’t blend properly it’s going to look very harsh and undone. As I mentioned previously, work slowly, you can add more but you can’t take away and I promise you, if you add too much, you will look like a hot mess.
This look could really have done with a set of false lashes because my lashes kind of get lost in the black but I didn’t have any handy, sorry 😉 just use your imagination.



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