My Thoughts: Colour Riche by L’Oreal

You may have seen my post the other day about the bits and bobs that I bought from Boots, included in that post was this little lipstick. It’s the L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 376. If you didn’t see the post then please click here to check it out.
I’m telling you to check it out because I gave my first impressions of this lipstick there. I still love it as much as I did then but I wanted to show you all how it wears and how long it lasts for.
This photo was taken at 10.30am and the lipstick was freshly applied.


This one was taken at about 2pm after eating my lunch and drinking! 3 and a half hours wear out of a lipstick, in my opinion, is brilliant. Especially one that’s quite glossy and when no lip liner was used. The picture actually makes it look a little less flattering, if you didn’t know what the lipstick looked like when freshly applied you wouldn’t know it wasn’t supposed to look like this.
Very impressed L’Oreal!

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