Halloween Makeup #3

If I’m 100% honest, I’m not really that happy with this look. I hope you can at least tell that it’s supposed to be pop art-y and like Litchenstein’s work. (How much this relates to halloween, I’m not sure but it’s a pretty cool idea)

I also should have outlined my face with black but I forgot! If I was to do it again, I’d probably also try and make the red dots closer together but it was a really tedious process haha. (If your thinking I really should have redone this before I posted itthen you are probably right but I’m a busy busy student and have lots of other things to do – I know you guys get that)

I filled in my brows with black eyeshadow and made them pretty damn intense! The eyes are really simple, no blending necessary, just outline with black and fill in with blue! I ‘contoured’ with black face paint and added expression line things on different parts of my face. I finished the look with ruby woo and outlined my lips with black.

I’ve seen a couple of versions of this, most of which are way better than mine :/ some have the little tear coming from one eye which is pretty cool and maybe more halloween’y, you could even swap the blue tear for some blood.

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