Halloween #4

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This is my favourite out of all the halloween looks I’ve done recently! It’s creepy and it was really fun to actually do although definitely the hardest one. Still doable though! I do think I could do this a lot better if I was to attempt it again (which I will because I think this is the one I’m going to use this year).

There was a lot more shading work that could have be done but I’d do loads that day and was feeling tired. I’ll be sure to put the 2nd version on Instagram when I do it!

If you can’t tell its a CLOWN and supposed to look like the mouth area is pinned to the eye area. Arghh I just love the creepiness of this 🙂

As will all these looks Ive done, it’s really hard to explain what I have done because it’s quite self explanatory when you look at the picture! If you have any questions, tweet me @_Beekle_

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