**Additional Lengths – Messy Hair Piece

I was kindly contacted by Additional Lengths and they asked if they could send me this slightly strange looking hair piece. I’ve been looking at hair extensions for a while, not necessarily for length but to add a little more volume, who doesn’t want thicker hair?! So when I received this message, I was really intrigued.
When it arrived, if I’m honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what the hell I was supposed to do with it, until I took it out the little cardboard thing, and realised that it was stretchy. You literally just use it exactly like a hair band and pop your hair in a messy bun and it gives you a hell of a lot more volume, body and texture.
I’m so impressed with the quality of this product, it’s real hair and unfortunately, it’s better quality than my own hair. I sent over a picture of my hair and it literally matches perfectly… I’ve got a very slight ombre so the ends are lighter than the roots (Duh, that’s what ombre is) but they really blend in nicely with the ends of my hair. I also love that the hair is multi toned so its lovely and natural. I do however need to find out about upkeep and all that jazz!
If you would like to see this in use, then go and check out my Jennifer Lawrence inspired hair and makeup tutorial, I’m quite proud of it if I’m honest!
They’ve also come up with this cool little infographic thingy with some tips on how to create the perfect party hair this Christmas! Personally, my favourite is definitely the soft top knot, and my little hair piece is the perfect addition. Click here to check it out!

One thought on “**Additional Lengths – Messy Hair Piece

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