My Thoughts: Origins – Make A Difference +

Whenever I get my student loan, I dedicate a little towards beauty bits. It is only fair, right?! You know for being a conscientious hard working student 😉 I’m surely not alone, am I?
I’ve not had a moisturiser that I’ve been loving recently, i’ve felt as though what I’ve been using has just been kind of making do, i’ve not been enjoying it as such and I think that’s really important – to enjoy your products. Firstly because they are bloody expensive and secondly because if you enjoy using them, you’re more likely to keep them as part of your routine and that’s very important.
I was just wandering round John Lewis and I accidentally got side tracked by the bright lights of the cosmetics department and I decided it was a good idea to pick up a new moisturiser. I was tempted to get the Mega Mushroom cream but it was £50, and, well, I already spent a fair amount in Space NK, so instead, I got this and a sample of the Mega Mushroom one, cheeky.
I really love this moisturiser, i’ve been using it day and night for about 3 weeks now and its gorgeous. I got the medium one, theres a light one, a medium and a heavy formula. It’s important not to just get the heaviest formula if you’re skin doesn’t need it because it’s just going to make you break out and nobody wants that.
The formula works well under makeup which is important and it sinks in pretty quickly without leaving your skin feeling clogged. Theres nothing worse than having a moisturiser that just sits on top of your skin. This moisturiser isn’t formulated with sensitive skin in mind – although origins are a good brand for that kind of stuff, the Ginseng one brought me out in a rash (perioral dermatitis to be precise) which caused lumps and bumps all around my nose and mouth. This one however, is absolutely fine. My skin feels hydrated, soft and plump, which if you ask me, is all we want from a moisturiser.

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