Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil (NARS DUPE)

When I first heard about these lip pencils I was desperate to get my hands on some of the NARS velvet lip pencils but hadn’t gotten around to getting any yet. I realised that these were literally the perfect dupe for them so I got these instead.
I’ll start off with the not so great thing, the colour range is a little limited, when I got these, I think they were 5 shades, there was definitely a peachy toned nude which was really pretty too but I thought i’d test out the bold shades first! Having said that, i’ve just looked on the boots website and there are absolutely loads of! So definitely have a look online if your local store doesn’t have them.
They feel really nice on the lips and they apply so evenly it is unreal! I personally don’t find them drying at all on the lips either and have heard that they actually feel nicer than the NARS pencils, I can’t comment on that because I’m yet to try those ones.
Berry Much, Light it up, Fab Orange
 These 3 colours are incredibly pigmented and I absolutely love the way they look on the lips, they don’t bleed and they have a lovely satin finish. Definitely had the most use from the deep berry and the red shade.

Now i’ve realised there are more shades I definitely want to pick some more up, they’re only £4.99, can see myself buying the whole bloody range, and thats not a joke… So, to answer the next question, yes, I would definitely buy them again, and I will 🙂

OH, and, if your quick, it’s buy one get one half price on maybelline in boots at the minute!

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