Nicks Blissful Brews


If there’s one universal thing that everybody loves, it’s free shit. Giveaways provide the perfect opportunity to do this, and sometimes, you even get lucky and win. I was shocked after I entered the Nicks Blissful Brews giveaway on Instagram and then found out I was one of the winners – not only did the flavours sound pretty damn tasty but these monster sized bottles come in at a whopping 120ml each! I’m used to 30ml bottles at max, so 120ml is fucking huge (and expensive). I’ll point out now, that although these were sent to me free of charge, there was no agreement whereby I write a post about them. This is completely off my own back because quite frankly, I like them. Plus, those bottles look pretty damn fine all lined up next to each other like that.

I got what was at the time their whole line, there was the imminent release of the new Fro-Yo flavour, which for the record, I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I awaited my package patiently, and when I saw a rather large package from the USA on my door step I ripped it open quicker than a fat person would a macdonalds. I was greeted with the previously mentioned monster bottles of juice in five flavours – swag, smoked custard, apple cider, loop ninja and lush. They also sent me a pretty badass hat, which I wore with pride to Vape Jam and got lots of compliments on.

If the following descriptions tickle your pickle and you want to get your hands on them, they can be bought online from UK Ecig Store. They retail at £8.45 each for a 15ml bottle, if you really like them and wanna splash out on a bigger bottle, you’re looking at £15.99 for 30ml. If I’m correct (which I’m probably not) 120ml bottles are only available in america and I think they’re about $55.

Swag (50/50).

Supposedly, a new take on the traditional custard flavours by incorporating white chocolate and hazelnut. Anything that involves white chocolate and hazelnut is an instant win for me. Think of hot custard, mixed with white chocolate Nutella and that’s probably pretty close to Swag. When you take a drag, you’re struck primarily with a creamy sweet white chocolate custard. The nutty flavours develop from the back of the tongue on the exhale and continue to fill your mouth in the moments after. The flavours really shine at a higher temperature although are still prominent at 25 watts, when you crank it up to 35-40 watts it’s more of a flavour explosion (I’m using .18ohm nickel coil on a rDNA40). When you exhale through the nose, the hazelnut notes really come to the forefront.

Smoked Custard Plus (70VG/30PG).

A blend of tobacco and custard that’s going to be perfect for the guys out there that want an interesting take on the standard tobacco flavours. On the way in, it’s definitely a muted custard, not overly sweet however that custard develops and gets stronger and sweeter for the exhale and then magically morphs into a tobacco flavour which lingers in your mouth afterwards. I’m not usually a fan of tobacco flavours, but this is an exception. There’s something about the blend with the custard that makes this a very enjoyable vape. They also do a lower VG version of this for you tank lovers.

Apple Cider (50/50).

A self explanatory name so I won’t explain that but I was very skeptical about this flavour, something just didn’t sit right with me when I thought of apple cider in an liquid but it works. The apple isn’t an artificial apple, it’s very fresh. Described as being a clean and crisp apple blended with winter spices, although I’m not sure I pick up the winter spices much but it does taste like an apple pie kind of apple so I’m guessing that’s where it comes in. The exhale is almost tingly, recreating the slight fizz you get with a good cider. The apple is very pronounced throughout the whole vaping experience, originating on the inhale and staying there the whole time.

Loop Ninja (100% VG).

Cereal flavoured vapes seem to be the in thing at the moment, everywhere I look, brands are bringing out new cereal flavours but Nicks recreation of fruit loops is an award winner. At Vape Summit 2015, it won the price for the ‘best cereal award’. It’s a sweet milky vape with fruity notes that tantalise your taste buds and remain afterwards. It’s truly an accurate recreation of a cereal, the milkiness is truly scrumptious with a real mixture of different fruits whilst the exhale fills your mouth with a striking wheatiness.

Lush (50/50).

This was by the far, the juice that I was looking forward to the most, yet the one that is possibly my least favourite. I’m not sure what it is because in theory, this is right up my street. It’s simply strawberry and cream, what is there not to like? The strawberry reminds me a bit of Calpol – ironic, because thats the only medicine I used to like growing up. I can’t quite put my slightly sticky juice covered finger on the strawberry – it’s not artificial, but it is not natural tasting and it’s too creamy to be a strawberry milkshake. I’d probably describe this more as a strawberry flavoured cream, the flavours descend from the roof of your mouth as apposed to developing on the tongue. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t unpleasant, just doesn’t truly blow me away (that’s probably partly because it doesn’t taste quite like what I was expecting).


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