Mangabeys by Twelve Monkeys.


One of the beauties of expo’s like Vape Jam is that it gives you the opportunity to try products from brands from all over the world that you either may not have heard of before or that you have been dying to try. I’d heard of Twelve Monkeys before but they didn’t ship to England until last week so it would have been impossible for me to try their juice, and I’m so glad I did. If you wanna grab a bottle, look here! That’s probably the biggest problem with buying juice online, you’re never quite sure whether you are actually going to like it and then you end up with a load of products that you aren’t that keen on.

Firstly, I’d like to give a bit of credit to the guys manning the stall on the Saturday because they were very incredibly friendly and helpful. They are a Canadian based company with 6 premium and incredibly tasty liquids which are all high VG. In case you didn’t guess from the picture and title, I’m going to be talking about Mangabeys in this post.

I’m a huge fan of mango, it’s my favourite fruit and I adore body products with a mango scent so I knew I was going to enjoy this juice. The name may be a little deceiving, this is not just your straight mango flavoured juice, it’s got several dimensions including guava and pineapple. I’ve been using this at home on a hobo v2.1 set up for flavour as apposed to clouds, at the expo however, I think the guys were using subtanks and the flavour was just as incredible. Mango is definitely the primary flavour, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out – i’m assuming thats where the name came from but after that you are teased with the pineapple and the hints of guava. That’s not all though, there are definitely some other tropical fruits going on which harmonise with the other flavours perfectly but I can’t quite decipher them. It’s also 80VG so the flavour is very full bodied and multifaceted (I know it sounds like i’m talking about wine, but it’s true).

I’m noticing a real shift in the quality of liquids recently, companies are really pulling them out the bag and coming up with some concoctions that are mind blowingly good! You can tell the quality of a juice instantly, the way it fills your mouth with intense flavours that all interlink and combine to make something truly amazing and very moreish. So hats off to the guys at Twelve Monkeys for really nailing this flavour. Without going into detail about their others, they are all really good and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Congo Custard is by far the best custard I have EVER tried and need to get my hands on a bottle soon!

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