Vaporshark rDNA40


I feel the whole vaping world has shifted recently, moving from pen type devices to box mods and I am really beginning to see them a lot more frequently. It’s good, it means vaping really is working and stopping people from smoking the stinkies. 

I’m not going to talk in depth about the evolv chips because they’ve been talked about left right and centre and it’ll only take you a quick google search to find out about them. It is however the newer chips (v4 of the DNA40), featuring the larger screen, resistance lock and the ability to switch between Celsius and Farenheit. Now that geeky shit is outta the way, let’s focus on build quality and the stuff like that. 

Actually, let’s start with price, coz that’s pretty important. It ain’t cheap, UK ecig store sell it for £149, luckily, I didn’t pay that. It is on offer now, for £99 since the new Vaporshark vapor flasks do da’s are out but you might struggle to find it in stock. First you’ll probably want to know if I like it, I do by the way.

The finish of the product is nice, it feels good in your hand with its matte rubberised finish which makes it look pretty swish. However and it’s a big however, it’s starting to show signs of wear (ie the coating just comes off 😡) and that’s been used only with a shark skin. They definitely need to work on a coating that doesn’t chip so easily, but it does feel a lot nicer than its competitors. I guess you just need to work out how much that’ll bother you. The lip around the screen is showing the most wear on mine as the case doesn’t cover that bit, also the dots on the battery cover section have rubbed off. 

Moving on nicely (I like it when that happens), the battery cover is magnetic which I really like, makes changing the single 18650 battery nice and easy. No screws or anything fiddly for when you are out and about. The plus and minus buttons have a good satisfying click to them, the main button not so much. It spins which annoys me, and has got scratched to shit as you can see from my pictures. 

They seem to have positioned the ridges for airflow in a way which directs any leaking juice straight into the device and down to the guts. Combine that with a leaky dripper like the freakshow mini and its a recipe for disaster. I’m always careful about leaving it upright and not putting tanks or drippers loose in my bag but have acquired a nice little spot of juice on the inside of my screen 😪

Having said all that, I still love it. Temperature control works like a dream and let’s me fiddle with nickel. Kanthal, I like to build between 1 and 1.5ohms when using this device so the 40W is more than adequate, it’s nice and friendly on my batteries too – which you can either remove and charge or charge via USB. Shark skins comes in loads of colours so you can really customise your mod. And the biggest plus, it’s small! Pop the black freakshow mini on it or the hobo and you’ve got yourself a seriously small stealth Vape. 

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