Freakshow Mini by Wotofo


I’ve put this post off for quite a long time because I’ve just not been sure what I thought of it, and not because its not good, just because theres some annoying things that I needed to fiddle with to get to my taste but now i’ve done that. I like it, a lot actually. That’s the beauty of vaping though, you can make everything your own and get it to work just the way you want.

I’ll start with the more negative aspects so we can end the post on a high. It is leaky as shit, like no other atty I have used. If I leave this on the top of my vaporshark overnight when I wake up there will always be juice running down the side of the mod and that worries me. I always paint the coil and never fill the juice well up but it still leaks. Airholes are large and need to sit directly underneath the coil so it’s obvious why it leaks but it’s a pretty annoying factor, I can work with it though.

When I use this on top of my vaporshark I go for a build that comes in between 1 and 1.5 ohms. This current build (3 strands of twisted 32 gauge) reads at 1.4ohms and vapes perfectly. I love the flavour from this atty, the reduced chamber makes it much more of a flavour junkie atty than the original sized freakshow which will be better suited to the cloud chasers out there. I need an atty to taste good, thats what floats my boat. I’m not so bothered about clouds, I just want it to taste good.

The deck is pretty easy to build on, although sometimes positioning the coil right over top of the airholes is difficult, or maybe thats just when I’m having an off day. The posts tighten easily and the case is relatively hard to pull off which is good. It means I can pick it up by the atty if I need to and the top doesn’t come off and I drop my mod, always a bonus!

I like the design too, I opted for black because I thought it would look good on the black vaporshark, which it does. It comes in a tonne of different colours though which I think is a great idea and a good way of making the product stand out. Wotofo are good at making their products stand out actually, I’m very interested in getting my hands on the Atty Cube from them, it looks good and I’ve heard nothing but positive things.

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