Bold Contrast: Blue Eyes and Orange Lips


Going against all makeup ‘rules’ in this post, but thats okay. What is it they say? Rules are made to be broken. It’s okay to do something different sometimes, step out of your comfort zone and wear something a little more daring. Who cares what you are and aren’t supposed to do, its your face, put on it what you want. So if you wanna see some contrasting colours and a natural looking skin look, keep reading and ill talk you through it.

So normally, bold eyes or lips call for a flawless base, it’s just the ‘done’ thing, but that also makes looks much less wearable – it becomes too much makeup for anything less than a night out. In an attempt to make this more wearable, I dialled the skin back a bit. Using no concealer whatsoever and leaving my blemishes on plain view (obviously, if you are particularly insecure about your skin then feel free to cover them up as you wish). I used the Bourjois Bronzing Primer on my skin, applying that with my fingers and then I hopped straight into the contour and bronzing. I used the Dream Matte Mouse in Cocoa to contour and blended upwards to bronze my checks too, I also took that up to the temples and down the sides of my nose. If you wanna see a more in-depth review of those two products, check this post. For a pop of colour on my cheeks I used Tarte 24hour blush in Tipsy which goes perfectly with my lip combo.

Moving onto eyes, I started with the middle shade on the top row as my transition shade. Perfect because it’s just a little darker than my natural skin tone. I blended that with a MAC 224 and then deepened the look even more by using the colour to the right on a 217 more precisely in the crease. I used the dark blue shade in the bottom right of that Stila Luxe Eye Palette (I love the Stila Palettes so much, there’s another look using a different one here) and I packed that on with a flat eyeshadow brush to just below the crease and blended upwards slightly and into those colours we’ve already put down. I dragged that under the lash line and smoked it out just a little bit. I then got a bright blue from Kiko (275 Electric Blue) and placed that bang in the centre of my lids to make the colour pop – I also highlighted my inner corner which I think really brings the look together. Filled in my brows with the dip brow pomade from Anastasia as usual.

Lips, I lined very lightly and then applied MAC’s vegas volt with the L’Oreal lip lacquer/gloss thingys in the shade 204.

What do you think of the finished look? How do you feel about the bold eyes and the bright lips and the bare skin?


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