Testing: Korres Anti Ageing Primer


You know you’ve spent a lot of money in Sephora when you get to the till and the lady gives you all of the samples. That happened. Sometimes they can be a bit hit or miss but this is actually a product I was super excited to try out. Having not tried a huge amount of stuff from Korres aside from their tinted lip balm things I was eager to find out how well this bad boy performed.

I generally don’t bother with a primer unless I know that I’m gonna be having a super long day or I know its going to be hot outside, but when I do use one, I’m kinda fussy. A lot of them I think tend to make bit claims and then not really deliver so I’m always looking to find one that does what it says on the tin. The first feel of this is incredibly moisturising which is nice and it doesn’t have that silicone feeling to it which I know will be a huge plus for a lot of people. It rubs in nicely but feels much more like a moisturiser than I am used to.

I have been applying this all over my face over the last few weeks to see how it performs and I am not entirely convinced I have noticed much of a difference in the longevity of my makeup. I will put it to the test tomorrow, and apply only to one half of my face and then I will report back to you. I’ll do my best to take some photos and then you can judge it for yourself.

So, tomorrow came and went and I’ve got photos to look at too! Excuse the change in lighting, I was outside in the sunshine and under a red parasol and they are completely unedited, but what do you think? Can you guess which side had the primer and which didn’t? I won’t tell you yet. If you want to find out. Check the last paragraph carefully. For reference though, first picture is the morning, about 10am. Second is about 3pm and third is at about 6.30pm. The bad lighting can definitely be attributed slightly to the worse looking skin.

IMG_3164 IMG_3178 (1) IMG_3229 (1)

I’m not entirely sure I would buy this again, don’t get me wrong, it feels nice on the skin but I can’t comment on the anti ageing properties. I don’t think it does anything remarkable, and I think theres plenty more products that can offer more than this. The left side of my face in the photos (my right in real life) has primer. I don’t see much difference at all. If anything, the right looks marginally better.

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