Kangertech: Sub Tank Review


It’s impossible to deny the convenience of using a tank when vaping. As much as I love drippers they do need constant attention in order to ensure that the wick remains saturated and what not. They’re also battery heavy and juice thirsty too, so by far from the perfect all day every day set up. Everyone starts on tanks, and then they progress but we still all come back to tanks for those times when dripping just isn’t appropriate or convenient. Having said that, this is now the only tank that I ever use, because it’s bloody good.

It’s a perfect all rounder tank in my opinion, its no way near as juice thirsty as some of its competitors like the Arctic tanks which is a massive bonus, no matter how much juice you have in stock its always nice to make the most out of that rather than having a bottle disappear faster than a toupé in a hurricane. That is not all though, the flavour and clouds are incredibly good too. Infact, the first time I tried this I could not get over the flavour and how comparable it was to my usual dripper set up. The clouds obviously don’t compare to a cloud chasing dripper set up but they are also much more sociable and probably won’t make it hard for you to see your TV on a night in (unless you’re really going for it of course).

Its worth mentioning that this is also a very versatile tank because of the stock coils and the rebuildable deck options. Stock coils can be bought at either .5 or 1.2 ohms giving the option to sub ohm if you wish. Of course, be aware that the sub ohm option will burn through juice and battery a little bit quicker than the 1.2ohm version. The rebuildable deck means that the tank can stay with you from beginner to a little more intermediate – giving you the ability to tinker and make you own coils to install. Generally, I use this at festivals so for pure convenience I tend to use the 1.2 ohm coils but the airflow is better with the rebuildable deck, its also incredibly easy to build and wick although slightly larger air holes would make flow of higher VG juices a little easier.

If you’re new to vaping, or looking for something a little better than the £10 disposable options, or even if your a veteran and looking for a new tank, I would seriously recommend considering this. You probably already are if you are reading this in the first place but it gets a big thumbs up from me! Well done Kangertech, and thank you.

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