Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks


If you read my post about the Sephora Liquid Lipsticks you’ll already know about my love hate relationship with them – so I’ll save you that jibber jabber again. If you wanna read that post, it’s here. But basically I can be a bit fussy and I find the formulas vary so so so much that you never really know what your going to get or if you are going to like it.

When I was in America, I bought many a lip product. These and the sephora ones are my favourites, i seriously recommend you check that post out, as a comparison.

I find these to be a little more drying on the lips but they seriously will not budge. Almost to the point where it’s actually a little annoying at night. Infact when I took the photos for the swatches it hurt my lips trying to get the first one off. An oil based remover would help but I didn’t have one handy so I took to my lips with an old stiff toothbrush. They still aren’t particularly drying on the lips but do start to feel a little tight as they set, not uncomfortably though.  They don’t transfer and they don’t come off after food and drink either. I would say though, if your lips aren’t nice and soft to start with the application from the get go looks a bit… Meh. And of course the drying effect will be amplified.

The colours are gorgeous and incredibly pigmented! I love the formula in the respect that it doesn’t bleed and it’s not too wet to apply. Ahh. These are now my go to for a quick fix lip product that I can wear on a night I know will involve food and drink (the best nights) and it’s totally hassle free.

Does anyone else get lipstick on their chin when they eat? If so, these are God send. That doesn’t happen and it’s genuinely one of the only products ive come across where I can chow down on a huge burger and not end up with a pink chin. Top photo is Berlin, bottom is Jeffree.



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