Charles Worthington: Leave-in Conditioner


Long dyed hair screams for that extra bit of hydration and nothing is better at that than a leave in conditioner. I had horrible memories of leave in conditioners after thinking it was okay to put them all through your hair, roots and all and looking like you’d dunked your hair in a deep fat fryer. But, after realising that was not the way to use them and getting fed up with having dry and knotting her, i plunged myself back into the world of leave in conditioners.

My hair can get incredibly knotty sometimes. If I have my hair down, I HAVE to carry a brush otherwise I end up with huge knots at the back of my neck quite near the scalp. That in mind, I wanted something that was gonna ease the frizz and make my hair more manageable and this ticks those boxes! 

I tend to use about a grape sized amount, rub it between my hands before running it through the mid lengths and ends when my hair is damp and it works wonders. Not only does it make my hair much smoother and softer but it also makes my hair much easier to brush and much more manageable throughout the day. 

It doesn’t leave a trace in the hair either, no sticky residue or tackiness and it brushes out to absolutely nothing. You don’t need much either, I’ve got pretty long hair, and relatively thick. If you have shoulder length hair you really wouldn’t need much of this at all and this tube is pretty big so it will last ages! 

Very impressed with this, infact, I really like all of the Charles Worthington styling range. The salt spray is nice, as is the texturising spray and moose. Often on 3 for 2 or similar deals in shops like boots which is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. 

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