Twelve Monkeys – Kanzi

IMG_3375Heaven in a bottle. Ahh come on, bit over the top I hear you say? Think again motherfuckers, this shit is heavenly.

Now I’ve got that out the way. I’m a bit obsessed with watermelon flavoured juices at the minute so Kanzi hits the spot from the get go. It’s a gorgeous watermelon and strawberry juice with a tangy hit of kiwi. It really reminds me of Jolly Ranchers, super sweet – something that I’m kinda noticing as Twelve Monkeys trademark. All of their juices are really sweet and incredibly flavoursome. If watermelon and strawberry doesn’t float your boat, seriously check out the descriptions of their other flavours because I can guarantee there’ll be something you fancy. I’ve reviewed Mangabeys on here too. Have a peak. 

To the vape itself, I’ve currently got this on a zipper build at .34 ohms with 70W. On a side note, if you haven’t tried a zipper build, try one. NOW. From the very first second your mouth is filled with sweetness which morphs into an undeniable strawberry and kiwi blend. The exhale is slightly sharper because of that kiwi kick. The flavour really pops – you know when you eat a Soother or Locket with the liquid inside and you suck it until there’s just a really really thin layer around the liquid inside and then it oozes out (this sounds weird), and you get that huge intense flavour. In other words, the middle of a sweet. It’s kinda like that, but better.

As I say, buy it, you won’t regret it. And if in some parallel universe you didn’t like it, send it my way. I don’t mind. You can browse and buy their range here.

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