YGRT – Ares, NYX, Apollo (Juice Review)

CS8A2853 (1)

I first heard about YGRT at one of the vape expo’s earlier in the year and they currently make 3 liquids. Funnily enough, they are all yoghurt based flavours which you probably could have guessed yourself. I’m really impressed with these and have really enjoyed trying out all the flavours. Apollo definitely grabbed my attention first, I love all things peach so this seemed like a pretty safe bet for me.

  • I’d love to tell you that I’ve been a great blogger and tried these in all kinds of set ups, but i haven’t. I’ve used these in dripper only although at a 60vg/40pg mix, they probably are better suited for a tank. (If you’re interested, I’m currently using these in the hobo v2.1 with a simple single 28gauge parallel build).


As I said, peach and yoghurt instantly made me go Ooooo, that sounds good. And, it is good. It smells incredibly in the bottle and it tastes pretty damn fine too. The sweetness of the fruits in all of the 3 flavours disguises any bitterness that greek yoghurt normally has which makes it a really creamy vape. The inhale of apollo is super fruity and the peach flavours really build to the max by the time you exhale. The fruit flavours mute a little towards the end and morph into something more creamy and yoghurty. Definitely my favourite flavour, but I kinda knew that, me and peach get on well.


Ares, is the strawberry flavour. This is a really natural tasting strawberry, nothing too artificial in my opinion and relatively subtle. Because of the subtleness of the strawberry, the greek yoghurt comes through a little stronger. To clarify, when I say subtle, I don’t mean that as in its hard to detect, I just mean that it doesn’t over power or dominate the flavours – theres no doubt that its strawberry. The tanginess of the yoghurt is definitely more apparent in this flavour than it is in Apollo. Overall, a super pleasant, not heavy or sickly vape. Perfect for something light for everyday use!


The mixed fruits in this are really stunning, in my opinion. I’d love to tell you that my taste buds were good enough to pick out the exact berries in this, but they aren’t. I’d guess, raspberry and blackberry? But either way, who cares. Its good. Infact, I know I said apollo was my favourite, but this might actually be the top dog for me. The creaminess and tanginess of the yoghurt with the berry is so complimentary and I think works so so so well. Although one thing I must say, after a while of vaping this one, it does leave a slightly odd taste in my mouth – no idea why. Not the end of the world, especially in a dripper.

As a dripper girl, I would be well chuffed if these were higher VG. It would just make the flavours that little bit more dense which I really enjoy. However as I mentioned, these would be well suited to you guys that love a tank.

A little, very trivial thing I really appreciate about the packing is the colour coded writing. Red for strawberry, Peach for the peach and then multi coloured for the mixed fruit. I like shit like that.

Nice one YGRT! If you fancy trying these out, grey haze stock them for £8.99 per 15ml, or you can grab all three but thats currently out of stock.

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