Djinni – Review


Djinni is a range of juices from Decadent Vapours, the line consists of 10 juices and I’m gonna talk about my 5 favourites today. The line is aimed at a younger audience (Legal of course. I just mean people in their 20’s etc). The packing is bold and artistic which I really like.

All juices are a 50/50 mix which I find slightly annoying, only because I usually use a dripper which is obviously much better suited to higher VG juice but these will be good for people on more starter kits or using tanks. Another slight issue I have is that they don’t do a 3mg option, 0, 6, 12 and 18 are the only options so they haven’t fully covered all the bases. A higher VG option at 3mg would make these absolutely perfect.

Now onto the flavours…


Zingo is a citrus flavoured juice, a mixture or lemon, lime and oranges which is perfectly depicted in the the packaging. It’s super refreshing and a really fresh taste. The citrus flavours are a perfect mixture of sharp and sweet which make it a really well balanced vape. I’d say that the lemon and lime are the predominate flavours in this juice, the orange notes I find harder to pick up on but they are there and think they help add the sweetness to the juice.


The first thing that struck me about this juice is the smell – super sweet gummy fruit flavours. It really does taste like gummy bears, it leaves the exact same taste in your mouth as those little sweets. Literally, thats it. Perfectly captured in this little bottle. I like it. Possibly a little to sweet for me for all day vape but it really is nice. I’m not entirely sure what the fruity flavours are mind, but its definitely a sweet fruit salady vape.

Berry Crush.

This is my favourite I think, its a really fresh berry flavour which actually really reminds me of the berry oasis drink. It’s less sweet than Jelloopy and Zingo which for me makes it a lot better suited for an all day vape. Blueberries and raspberries are definitely the most prominent flavours which meet you in the inhale and then the exhale is full on blueberry which I love. It’s like a mix between mixed fruit koppaberg and oasis, so if you like either of those, this one might be worth checking out. For me though, oddly enough, this one leaves a slightly flowery taste in my mouth, not unpleasant as such, just a bit odd.

New York.

I know I said I’d be reviewing my favourites, but I don’t actually like this one. Not because the flavours are bad, just because they don’t appeal to what I like in a vape. In a desert, yes. In a vape it just isn’t for me unfortunately. This is probably what it would taste like if Millionaires Shortbread had babies with a tiramisu… Sounds incredible in real life and if someone wants to make this, then i’d happily try it 😉 if you like those kinda desert type flavours in a juice then you really should check this out.


I was actually most excited to try this one, I don’t usually go for mints, even though I really like them. I’m much more of a fruit flavoured kinda girl so I thought this would make a nice change and I’ve never found a really good mint. (Except Frost by elements – but I can only cope with that in a tank, too much for me in a dripper). In a dripper, this is again a little too much for me but the flavours are none the less incredible. Frost bite could not be a better name for this juice. It’s so cooling and fresh with a mix of menthol and peppermint. A flavour that also completely takes over your wick so be prepared to rewick if you wanna change flavours. Or don’t, if you like that cooling minty cross over which does work with some flavours. Mess around, have fun 🙂

If any of these flavours tickle your pickle. You can buy them here, and they are super affordable at just under £6.


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