What I Eat In A Day #2


Smoothie Bowl.

IMG_4182 copy2

Smoothie Bowls are the in thing at the minute. I get it thought, They’re really good! Thicker than a smoothie which kinda makes them feel like more of a meal which helps to keep you feeling satisfied for longer but just as easy and quick to make. This one is simply spinach, and frozen blueberries and frozen banana. I topped it with some flaked almonds and chia seeds to make my photo look Instagram friendly and adds a nice crunch.

Cal: 293.
Carbs: 43.
Protein: 7.
Fat: 12.


Scrambled Egg.


This one is rather simple, and doesn’t need a huge amount of explanation. Two eggs scrambled with a tiny splash of semi skimmed milk. I skipped the bread which is always tough but threw some tomatoes with a tiny bit of olive oil drizzled on them in the oven to heat up and had them on the side. All seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. Yum.

Cal: 237.
Carbs: 13.
Protein: 17.
Fat: 11.


Chinese Pancakes.


If you have read my other what I eat posts you’ll see that my dinner photos are always a hell of a lot less pretty than breakfast and lunch. This is a combination of bad lighting and me being tired and just wanting to eat. I hope you guys can see past it.

Bit of a naughty one this. But also a bit of a fail. I really wanted to make vietnamese rolls using rice paper but I could not for the life of me find any in shops (will get them from amazon). They were supposed to have crispy pork and fresh vegetables to add a nice crunch with a dipping sauce but, since I couldn’t find them. I improvised. Mum loved it, I wasn’t so keen but probably only because it wasn’t what I had in mind. Essentially a cheat Chinese duck pancakes with different veg. The sauce was a mix of hoisin, chilli sauce and some peanut butter stirred in. I had 5 pancakes by the way.

Cal: 725
Carbs: 52.
Protein: 40.
Fat: 30.

Total Nutrition.

CAL: 1255
CARBS: 108
FAT: 53

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