Star & Galaxy Nails


Hey guys! I was in a bit of a rush tonight but wanted to do something a little bit more exciting with my nails. I didn’t have the time to do the all out galaxy nails with different colours and nebula things so I just did this.


I started by using a base coat, I used my O.P.I Nail Envy, it’s my all time favourite base coat ever, and I usually use it as a top coat too! I then apply it every other day over painted nails, this really helps to keep the polish in place for longer and to prevent chipping.


I then used my O.P.I Blank Onyx, I did two coats of this and allowed it too dry. I faffed around for ages, smudged two nails and had to do them again, oops. If your trying this, I’d skip those two steps if I were you 😉


I’ve got some cheap washing up sponge that cost 19p for 5 from Morrisons, so I tore a couple of bits of those off and then dipped it in a navy polish, also from O.P.I called Blue My Mind. I dabbed this on the sponge around the center of my nail, you don’t need to worry about making sure it is really neat, it’s supposed to be random.


I then did the same with a bit of White Nail polish, I can’t tell you what it’s called because the sticker on the bottom has come off but white polish is white polish so who cares. So I got a tiny bit of white on another piece of sponge and put a very small amount within the blue.


I waiting till that dried, which didn’t take long at all being that you are not applying much and it is not thick. After that dried I put a layer of the Rimmel Precious Stones polish. Then applied some of the glitter bits from my Models Own in Blizzard. I put some on a piece of paper, and then used tweezers to put some of the glitter bits on my nails because I didn’t want too much glitter and this polish is really gloopy and hard to work with!


I finished the look by using a dotting tool to apply a few white dots on each nail and then used a top coat.

Voila – That sounds so long and like a really drawn out process but I swear it is pretty quick 🙂

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