Beauty Tip Tuesday #6


  • I always apply my face make up and then my eye make up which means that sometimes, after applying my eyeshadow, there is sometimes some fall out which ends up on my cheek. If you try and brush it off with a make up brush then you run the risk of rubbing it in and end up with a very glittery cheek. But it’s really simple, just grab a piece of selotape, wrap it around your finger and dap it on any fall out.
  • I often see people with really blotchy bronzer, there could be two reasons for that, a bad quality bronzer, or bad technique for the application. Try keeping you elbow still and only move your hand/wrist. Wobbling your whole arm around will create a blotchy face.
  • If you wax at home, you’ll know how annoying it is when you spend ages waxing, finish, jump in the shower and as you get out you realise you’ve missed a patch on your leg of something. If you dust a thin layer of talc on your legs it will show up the hair a lot easier.

8 thoughts on “Beauty Tip Tuesday #6

  1. I love the sellotape idea! I sometimes just do my eyemakeup first to avoid fallout but I often forget and start with my face. This is such a great idea!


  2. Great tips! I always do my eyes first, mainly because it works better for me in the mornings, but whenever I do my face first I usually get some type of fall out, haha. x


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