Halloween Makeup #1

Yes, I’m a pumpkin.

This is the first post in this Halloween series. I’ve got 4 already photographed and would love to do some more as I love doing stuff like this. If you have any requests then PLEASE let me know.

I love orange hence the pumpkin makeup. I saw a really cool costume last year for a pumpkin and thought it was a really strange idea but secretly, I also think it’s really damn cool,

I used an orange face paint all over my face (stating the obvious, I know). It’s pretty straight forward and not much to say in the way of a tutorial. On the shaded parts I used black face paint and then a tiny amount of black eyeshadow just to blend it out.

The mouth could have gone a lot better but ah well. You live and you learn.

Hope you’re looking forward to the next part.

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