The Wet Brush (Better than the tangle teaser?!)


Is this a sign that my blog is getting boring, I’m posting about a hair brush. Hmm, I know you’re probably all thinking this is an odd item to blog about but its really damn good. Everyday I see posts and videos where people bang on about the tangle teaser and how life changing it is, but they’ve obviously never tried this bad boy.

I have pretty long hair thats been dyed a fair few times and can get pretty frizzy without proper care and attention. I also get very knotty hair, even if I just have it down for one day so I need a brush that can work through knots without pulling my hair out and tugging too much. I bought a tangle teaser years ago after hearing how they were the best thing since sliced bread and it worked but I wasn’t overly impressed by it. All in all, it got rid of knots but it took a fair amount of work, the bristles were too short and stubby and it was an odd shape which I felt was more difficult to use than traditional styles of hair brushes.

I’m not entirely sure where I heard about this but I first noticed them because of the funky bright colours they come in. I did a bit of research online and placed my order and it did not disappoint. It moves through my hair, even when slightly knotty and just disperses all knots and makes it so much easier to work with. It also makes brushing my hair less of a chore (I genuinely cannot believe how lazy that makes me sound) but seriously, it’s not such a ball ache anymore, I can just brush through and thats it pretty much done, and it doesn’t hurt!

The Wet Brush do all different colours and kinds, they do some geared towards shine, others for detangling and they do little cute travel size versions too! These are much easier to find online if you are from the states, but don’t fret english people, we can find them too, mines from Amazon. I’m sure people from other countries will be able to find them online too, just have a look. They are very reasonably priced too, mine was under £10!

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