What I Eat In A Day #1


Banana Ice Cream.


One ingredient. No dairy. Simply blend a ripe banana that has been frozen and wait for the magic to happen. You don’t even need liquid. Thats it, a blended banana, I topped it with a few raisins and a chopped up dried apricot. Sometimes I like to add a little cinnamon/nutmeg to the blender too!

Cal: 194
Carbs: 50.
Protein: 1.
Fat: 0.


Tuna Salad.


Pretty simple base salad – spinach leaves, a few cherry tomatoes, some red onion, a slice of mozzarella cubed, and about a quarter of an avocado with a some toasted pine nuts. Topped with some tuna and a runny poached egg. YUM.

I love a poached egg on top of a salad because it means you don’t need a dressing – by all means, add what you want though! I also mixed a small amount of light mayo in the tuna just to add a bit of moisture.

Cal: 401.
Carbs: 12.
Protein: 43.
Fat: 23.


Green Smoothie.

green smoothie
Excuse the dodgy photo… It was dark, I was hungry and didn’t wanna get the studio lights out.

I had fruits and veggies in the fridge that needed using up so I chucked them all in the blender. Spinach, Kale (which I blanched in some boiling water to soften it up), a big chunk of cucumber, and then to sweeten it up and make it nice and creamy I threw in a mango and some pineapple chunks. Blended up with some water although you could use whatever you want or even add some yoghurt for some added protein. I also added some chia seeds and half a scoop of protein to help keep me full up.

Cal: 431.
Carbs: 74.
Protein: 24.
Fat: 6.

Total Nutrition.

Cal: 1026
Carbs: 136
Protein: 68
Fat: 29

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